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A changeover distribution board, also known as an on and off-load changeover switch, is a type of electrical switchgear used to switch power supply between two different sources. It provides a means to transfer the load from one power source to another, typically from the main power supply to an alternate power source (e.g., generator or backup power supply) and vice versa.

Range Voltage
Onload ChangeoverOffload Changover240V415V
63A, 100A, 125A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 320A, 400A & 630A32A(DP)32A,63A,100A,200A,320A,400A,630A (FP)
Available in Midas grey color

  • Suitable for On Load & Off Load application
  • Suitable for individual mounting, inner mounting holes and mounting brackets provided in enclosures
  • Allows flexibility of Cable Choice since suitable for both Cu & Al Cable
  • Protects from rusting thereby lending longer life.
  • Sheet steel enclosure