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H03/H05VVH2-F & H03/H05VV-F

  • RoHS
  • CE
  • CPR Compliant
H03/H05VVH2-F & H03/H05VV-F
H03/H05VVH2-F & H03/H05VV-F-Cross


For use in connections of household appliances, plant and machinery, wiring purposes and for manufacturing cords.


BS EN 50525-2-11, DIN EN 50525-2-11; VDE 0285-525-2-11, EN 50525-2-11.

Technical Data

Nominal Voltage: 300/500V (H05VV-F & H05VVH2-F); 300/300V (H03VV-F & H03VVH2-F)

Insulation Resistance: Min. 20 GΩ x cm

Temperature Range: Flexing -5°C to +70°C. Fixed Installation : -30°C to +70°C

Minimum Bending Radius: Flexing 7.5 x cable ø; Fixed installation 4 x cable ø

Test Voltage: 4000V

Breakdown Voltage: Min. 8000V

Cable Construction

Bare copper, fine wire conductors, as per EN 60228 Cl.5.
PVC core insulation TI2, to EN 50363-3.
Harmonised core colour to HD 308 (Refer Appendix Table No. 1-1).
Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-length.
PVC outer sheath TM2, to EN 50363-4.1.

H05VV-F is also available in oil resistant variant as H05VV5-F.
The outer sheath provided here is of special PVC, TM5 to BS EN 50363-4.1.


PVC self-extinguishing and flame retardant according to EN 60332-1-2.

Please complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of ‘z’) for the sheath colour required: 1 – black (RAL 9005), 3 – grey (RAL 7001), 5 – white (RAL 9010). For Oil Resistant sheath kindly add ‘OR’ after the part nos.

Cable Design Parameters

Part NumbersNo. of Cores and Nominal
Cross Sectional Area
(Sq. mm)
Approx. Cable
H03VV-F03030101021z2 x 0.55.1
03030102021z2 x 0.755.5
03030103021z3 x 0.55.3
03030104011z3 G 0.55.3
03030105021z3 x 0.755.7
03030106011z3 G 0.755.7
03030107021z4 x 0.55.8
03030108011z4 G 0.55.8
03030109021z4 x 0.756.3
03030110011z4 G 0.756.3
H03VVH2-F03031111021z2 x 0.55.1 x 3.2
03031112021z2 x 0.755.5 x 3.4
H05VVH2-F03031113021z2 x 0.756.3 x 4.0
03031114021z2 x 16.6 x 4.1
03031115021z2 x 1.57.7 x 4.7
H05VV-F03030116021z2 x 0.756.2
03030117021z2 x 16.4
03030118021z2 x 1.57.5
03030119021z2 x 2.59.1
03030120021z2 x 410.3
03030121011z3 G 0.756.6
03030122021z3 x 0.756.6
03030123011z3 G 16.9
03030124021z3 x 16.9
03030125011z3 G 1.58.1
03030126021z3 x 1.58.1
03030127011z3 G 2.59.7
03030128021z3 x 2.59.7
03030129011z3 G 411.2
03030130021z3 x 411.2
03030131011z4 G 0.757.1
03030132021z4 x 0.757.1
03030133011z4 G 17.5
03030134021z4 x 17.5
03030135011z4 G 1.59.1
03030136021z4 x 1.59.1
03030137011z4 G 2.510.7
03030138021z4 x 2.510.7
03030139011z4 G 412.2
03030140021z4 x 412.2
03030141011z5 G 0.758.0
03030142021z5 x 0.758.0
03030143011z5 G 18.4
03030144021z5 x 18.4
03030145011z5 G 1.510.2
03030146021z5 x 1.510.2
03030147011z5 G 2.512.0
03030148021z5 x 2.512.0
03030149011z5 G 413.8
03030150021z5 x 413.8


  • *G = With green/yellow earth core
  • x = Without green/yellow earth core

Range Details

Cable TypeSize Ranger
H03VVH2-F0.50…0.75 mm² x 2C
H05VVH2-F0.75 . . . . 1.5 mm² x 2C0.75…1 mm² x 2C
H05VV-F0.75…4 mm² x 2…5C0.75…4 mm² x 2…5C
  • For current rating refer table no. 11-1 & for voltage drop refer table no. 11-2 of Appendix
  • For current rating conversation factor, refer table no. 11-3 of Appendix
  • For current rating to DIN VDE 0298-4, refer table no. 12-3 of Appendix

*Construction Product Regulation (CPR) is a regulation issued by the European Union with the purpose of regulating the limits of fire resistance and dangerous substances in the materials used in construction. This regulation applies to all products intended to be incorporated, permanently, in construction. Above link provides the DOP (declaration of performance) for the CPR compliance for the product.)