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JZ-45440 P

  • RoHS
  • CE
JZ-45440 P
JZ-45440 P Cross


These are halogen free cables used in machine tools, industrial machineries, measurement control, and electrical applications rated for higher operating temperature. These are suitable for oily and wet areas within machinery and production shop floors that are subjected to normal mechanical stress. It is resistant to contact with mineral oil based lubricants, diluted acids, aqueous, alkaline and other chemical media. Outdoor use is possible within the indicated temperature range.

Technical Data

Standard: Adapted to EN 50525-2-51

Nominal Voltage: Uo / U 300 / 500V

Insulation Resistance: Min. 20 GΩ x cm

Temperature Range: Flexing -40°C to +90°C. Fixed installation -50°C to +90°C

Minimum Bending Radius: Flexing 12.5 x cable ø. Fixed installation 4 x cable ø

Test Voltage: 4000V

Cable Construction

Bare copper, fine wire conductors according to EN 60228 cl. 5.

Core insulation of TPE.

Black core with continuous white numbering according to DIN VDE 0293.

Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-length.

Special polyurethane outer sheath (PUR).

Sheath colour: Grey (RAL 7001).


Extensively oil resistant.

Abrasion and notch resistant.

Low adhesive surface.

Resistant to hydrolysis and microbes.

Flexible at low temperatures.

Halogen free and flame retardant to EN 60332-1-2.

UV resistant to ASTM G 154.

Cabel Design Parameters

Part NumberNo. of Cores & Nominal
Cross Sectional Area (Sq. mm)
Approx. Cable
Diameter (mm)
Approx. Copper
Weight (kg/km)
Approx. Cable
Weight (kg/km)
0404002010502 x
0404004110504G 0.56.917.457
0404005110505G 0.57.421.767
04040121105012G 0.511.352.2158
04040181105018G 0.513.278.2220
04040251105025G 0.515.0108.6290
0404002010752 x 0.756.413.048
0404003110753G 0.756.819.658
0404004110754G 0.757.426.171
0404005110755G 0.758.632.694
0404007110757G 0.7510.045.6128
04040121107512G 0.7512.478.2203
04040181107518G 0.7514.4117.3283
04040251107525G 0.7517.2163.0401
0404002000012 x 16.817.457
0404003100013G 17.226.169
0404004100014G 18.234.890
0404005100015G 19.043.5110
0404007100017G 111.160.8163
04040121000112G 113.2104.3244
04040181000118G 115.4156.5344
04040251000125G 119217.3507
04040341000134G 121.8295.5675
04040411000141G 123.4356.4791
0404002011052 x 1.57.425.571
0404003111053G 1.58.338.294
0404005111055G 1.59.863.7140
0404007111057G 1.512.289.1209
04040121110512G 1.514.5152.8317
04040181110518G 1.517.6229.2471
04040251110525G 1.520.7318.3653
04040411110541G 1.526.3522.01060
0404003112053G 2.59.763.7139
0404004112054G 2.511.084.9181
0404005112055G 2.512.1106.1221
0404007112057G 2.514.2148.5307
04040121120512G 2.517.8254.6500


  • *G = With green/yellow earth core
  • X = Without green/yellow earth core