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SERVO FD 75781-CY Wire
SERVO FD 75781-CY Cross


For power circuits in machine cabling power circuits for electrical equipments used in automation engineering. In dry damp or wet interiors with normal mechanical stress conditions For outdoor usage within the permitted range of temperature.

Technical Data

Standard: Based on EN 50525-2-51

Nominal Voltage: Uo / U 600 / 1000V

Insulation Resistance: Min. 20 GΩ x cm

Temperature Range : Flexing -5°C to +70°C. Fixed installation -30°C to +70°C

Minimum Bending Radius : Flexing 7.5 x cable ø. Fixed installation 4 x cable ø

Test Voltage: Core/core: 4000V. Core/screen: 2000V

Cable construction

Bare copper, fine wire conductors according to EN 60228 Cl. 6,

PP(polypropylene) core insulation.

Cores are twisted together with shorter lay length.

Non woven wrapping.

Tinned copper braiding.

Special PVC TM5 outer sheath to EN 50363-4.1

PVC orange (RAL 2003).


  • Flame retardant according to EN 60332-1-2
  • Extensively Oil resistant
  • PP insulation ensures low mutual capacitance, lower dielectric loss, low screen interference currents.
  • Low adhesive surface
  • SERVO FD 75781-CY is also available with UV resistance property as SERVO FD 75781-CY UV.
  • Kindly add ‘UV’ after the part no. for UV resistant cable.
  • UV resistant to ASTM G 154.

Cable Design Parameters

Part NumberNo. of Cores & Nominal
Cross Sectional Area
(Sq. mm)
Approx. Cable
Diameter (mm)
Approx. Copper
Weight (kg/km)
Approx. Cable
Weight (kg/km)
0410004111054 G 1.59.874.3130
0410004112054 G 2.511.9113.8205
0410004100044 G 413.5169.7286
0410004100104 G 1019.7428641
0410004100164 G 1623.9661.4931
0410004100354 G 3533.31386.21808
0410004100504 G 5038.31937.22476

Note :

  • * G = With green/yellow earth core