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Solar Cable – EN 50618

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Solar Cable
Solar Cable Cross


Solar cables are intented for use in photovoltaic power supply systems and similar applications as free hanging, movable, fixed installation and buried in ground in constructional covered systems. The cables can be used indoor, outdoor, in hazard explosion areas, in industry and agriculture. They are suitable for applications in equipment with protective insulation (protecting Class 2).


EN 50618:2015.

Thermal parameters

Max. Permissible Ambient Temperature: +90°C (stationary and in motion )

Max. Permissible Operating Temperature of The Conductor: +120°C, Interpretation according to IEC 60216 : permanent temperature.

120°C for 20,000 h ( = 2.3 years ), at max. 90°C permanent temperature ( = 30 years ).

Short – Circuit Temperature: 250°C referring to a period of 5 sec.

Damp – Heat Test: According to EN 60068 – 2 – 78. 1,000h at 90°C and 85% humidity.

Min. Permissible Ambient Temperature: -40°C (stationary and in motion)

Resistance to Cold: Bending test at low temperature according to DIN EN 60811 – 1 – 4, Impact test similar to DIN EN 50305.

Minimum Bending Radius: Fixed Installation approx. 4 x cable Ø

Electrical Parameters

Voltage Rating: AC 0.6 / 1.0 kV

Max. PV – System Voltage: DC up to 2.0 kV possible

Max. Permissible Operating Voltage in AC Systems: 0.7 / 1.2 kV

Max. Permissible Operating Voltage in DC Systems: 0.9 / 1.8 kV

Test Voltage: AC 6.5 kV / DC 15 kV (15 min.)

Mechanical Parameters

Tensile Load: 15 N / mm² in operation. 50 N/mm² during installation

Shrinkage Test : According to EN 60811 – 1 – 3

Shore-Hardness: 85 shore A according to DIN EN 53505

Pressure Test at High Temperature: According to EN 60811 – 3 – 1

Dynamic Penetration Test : According to requirements for cables for PV systems, DKE / VDE 411.2.3

Chemical Parameters

Mineral Oil Resistance: 24h, 100°C according to DIN VDE 0473 – 811 – 2 – 1, DIN EN 60811-2-1

Acid and Alkaline Resistance: According to EN 60811-2-1

7 days, 23°C (N-Oxalic Acid, N-Sodium Hydroxide)

Ammonia Resistance: 30 days in saturated ammonia atmosphere (internal testing)

Weather Resistance: Ozone resistance according to DIN EN 50396 test Type B, HD 22.2 test Type B UV – resistance according to UL 1581 (Xenon – Test), ISO 4892 – 2 (Method A) and HD 506/A1-2.4.20

Absorption of water (gravimetric) according to DIN VDE 0473-811-1-3, DIN EN 60811 – 1 – 3.

Behavior in Case of Fire: Flame propagation.

Single cable according to DIN VDE 0482 Part 332 – 1 – 2, DIN EN 60332 – 1 – 2.

Multiple cable according to DIN VDE 0482 Part 266 – 2 – 5, DIN EN 50305 – 9.

Low smoke emission according to DIN VDE 0482 Part 268 – 2.

DIN EN 50268-2 (light transmittance > 70% ).

Corrosivity according to DIN EN 50267 – 2 – 2.

Toxicity according to DIN EN 50305, ITC – index < 3.

Cable Construction

Conductor: Fine Wire Tinned Copper Conductor according to BS EN 60228:2005 cl. 5.

Insulation: UV resistant, cross linkable, halogen free, flame retardant compound for core insulation.

Core Identification : Red, black or natural

Sheath: UV resistant, cross linkable, halogen free, flame retardant compound for Sheath over insulation.

Cable Colour: Red, Black, Black with red strip

Please complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of ‘xx’) for the insulation colour required as per the list: 02 – black, 03 – red, 13 – natural.

Cable Design Parameters

Part NumberNominal Cross
Sectional Area (Sq. mm)
Insulation Thickness
Outer sheath
Approx. Cable
Diameter (mm)
as per EN 50618
Current carrying capacity according to method of
Max. Conductor
Resistance at
20°C, (Ω/Km)
Single cable
free in air (A)
Single cable
on a surface (A)
Two loaded cables
touching, on a surface (A)

*Construction Product Regulation (CPR) is a regulation issued by the European Union with the purpose of regulating the limits of fire resistance and dangerous substances in the materials used in construction. This regulation applies to all products intended to be incorporated, permanently, in construction. Above link provides the DOP (declaration of performance) for the CPR compliance for the product.)