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White goes with everything. Quite literally. Our Super White modular switch plates made of DRC technology for longer life, dirt-resistant design, and Spark Shield for enhanced safety is the perfect fit to go classic. Keep it simple, yet chic with Super white modular switch plates.

switch-feature DRC Technology for longer life
switch-feature Captive screw & Dirt Resistant design
switch-feature Spark Shield for enhanced safety
switch-feature Tested for more than 3 Lakh Operations

Technical Specification


1M, 2M, 3M, 4M, 6M, 8MH, 8MV, 12M, 16M, 18M

Note: M = Modules, MH = Module Horizontal, MV = Module Vertical

Key Features

  • High flame retardant Plastic Material
  • Multiple Design & finishes
  • Easy installation
  • Simple and Elegant design