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H05Z1Z1-F (318B)

  • RoHS
  • CE
  • CPR Compliant
H05Z1Z1-F (318B) Cross


Used as an indoor general wiring cable primarily for installations in public areas or in any application where fire safety is utmost important. The cable can be used as pendant lighting drops or as a general supply lead within hospital, hotels, airport, educational institutions, etc.


BS EN 50525-3-11

Technical Data

Nominal Voltage: U / U 300/500 V

Temperature Range: Flexing -5°C to +70°C. Fixed Installation : -30°C to +70°C

Minimum Bending Radius: Flexing 7.5 x cable ø; Fixed installation 4 x cable ø

Cable Construction

Conductor: Bare copper, fine wire conductors, as per EN 60228 Cl.5

Insulation: LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) core insulation Type TI6, BS EN 50363-7

Core colours: Harmonised core colour to HD 308 (Refer Appendix Table No. 1-1). Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-length

Outer sheath: LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) outer sheath Type TM7, to BS EN 50363-8


Self-extinguishing and flame retardant according to IEC 60332-1-2

Please complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of ‘z’) for the sheath colour required: 1 – black (RAL 9005), 3 – grey (RAL 7001), 5 – white (RAL 9010).

Cabel Design Parameters

Part NumberNo. of Cores & Nominal
Cross Sectional Area (Sq. mm)
Approx. Cable
Diameter (mm)
Approx. Cable
Weight (kg/km)
03200101007z2 x 0.55.372
03200102007z3G 0.55.682
03200103007z4G 0.56.182
03200104007z5G 0.56.497
03200105007z2 x 0.756.597
03200106007z3 G 0.756.8111
03200107007z4 G 0.757.4129
03200108007z5 G 0.758.3106
03200109007z7 G 0.759.0130
03200110007z12 G 0.7512.4239
03200111007z2 x 16.867
03200112007z3 G 17.280
03200113007z4 G 18.0102
03200114007z5 G 18.8122
03200115007z2 x 1.57.788
03200116007z3 G 1.58.4110
03200117007z4 G 1.59.3140
03200118007z5 G 1.510.4174
03200119007z2 x 2.59.3134
03200120007z3 G 2.510.1168
03200121007z4 G 2.511.0208
03200122007z5 G 2.512.3257
03200123007z2 x 410.3183
03200124007z3 G 411.4231
03200125007z4 G 412.5287
03200126007z5 G 414.1362


  • *G = With green/yellow earth core
  • x = Without green/yellow earth core
  • For electrical parameters refer table 11.1, ,11.2, 11.3 of Appendix

*Construction Product Regulation (CPR) is a regulation issued by the European Union with the purpose of regulating the limits of fire resistance and dangerous substances in the materials used in construction. This regulation applies to all products intended to be incorporated, permanently, in construction. Above link provides the DOP (declaration of performance) for the CPR compliance for the product.)