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XLPE/PVC 3 core Submersible Flat Cable

  • RoHS
  • CE
XLPE/PVC 3 core Submersible Flat Cable
XLPE/PVC 3 core Submersible Flat Cable Cross


These cables are mainly used in pump connection. Though they are mainly used to supply power to pumps, they are also used in industrial applications. These cables are specially manufactured keeping in mind the severe, tough and difficult conditions in which they are used.

Technical Data

Conductor: Electrolytic grade annealed plain copper to EN 60228, uniformly bunched to form a circular shape

Core Colours : Red, yellow (centre core), blue

Sheath Colour: Black

Voltage Grade: Upto and inducting 1100V

Packing: Standard packing of 100mtr in coils. Longer length available on request.

Variants Available

Part NumberSpecifications
XLPE/PVCClass 2 (1 to 2.5 Sq. mm) for others class 5 to EN 60228, XLPE insulation & PVC ST-2 sheath to IEC 60502-1

Cabel Design Parameters

Kindly complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of ‘y’) for the cable type
1 – PVC 70°C, 3 – PVC HR 85°C.

Part NumberConductor ConstructionMax. Conductor
at 20°C (Ω/km)
Thickness (mm)
Nominal Sheath
Approx. overall dimensions
(W X H) (mm) +/- 0.5 mm
Current carrying
capacity (Ampere)
Nominal Cross
Sectional Area
(Sq. mm)
No. of Strands/Max.
Strands Dia. (mm)
011910300001114/0.318. X 5.212
0119103011051.522/0.312. X 5.520
0119103012052.536/0.37.410.71.113.1 X 6.230
011910300004456/0.34.950.81.115.0 X 6.837
011910300006684/ X 7.746
01191030001010140/0.31.910.81.320.2 X 8.866
01191030001616126/ X 10.085
01191030002525196/0.40.781.01.528.9 X 12.0113
01191030003535276/0.40.5541.01.632.7 X 13.4139
01191030005050396/0.40.3861.21.738.7 X 15.5156

Current rating conversion factor for deviating ambient temperature

Multiply the current carrying capacity of the cable by the factors given below for various ambient temperature.

Ambient temperature (°C)253035404550556065707580