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Ratnalan Cat 5e/6

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Ratnalan Cat 5e/6 Wire
Ratnalan Cat 5e/6 Cross


LAN cables are high performance cables used increasingly for modern computer network systems. These cables form the back bone of modern data transmission in industries, residential and commercial infrastructure.

Technical Data

Performance: RATNALAN enhanced CAT 6 UTP capable of handling 100 + Mbps data rates. RATNALAN CAT 5e UTP is independently verified to exceed the requirements of EN 50173, ISO/IEC 11801 and TIA/EIA 568-B-1/B-2.

Cable Construction

Conductor : Solid bare copper

Insulation : High density polyethylene

Pair : 2 Insulated conductors twisted together

Outer Jacket : FR PVC

Colour Code

1 Pair : White – orange stripe and orange

2 Pair : White – green stripe and green

3 Pair : White – blue stripe and blue

4 Pair : White – brown stripe and brown

Packing: Available in easy pull box of 101 mtr. and 305 mtr. for CAT 5e and CAT 6 is available only in 305 mtr. pack

TypeCAT 5eCAT 6
Part Number010701014094010701014194

Mechanical and Environmental Properties
Max. Tensile Load :10 Kgs. per simplex cable (Installation)
Min. Bend Radius :8 x Outer Diameter (Installation)
4 x Outer Diameter (Operation)
Temp. – Installation :0°C to +50°C
Temp. – Operation :-10°C to +60°C
Applicable International Standards for Cable Construction
ISO/IEC 11801:2002
ISO/IEC 61156-5
EN 50173 -1:2002
EN 50288-3-1
ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B-2:2002

Electrical Parameters at 200C

Electrical Characteristics at 20OCSpecificationTypical Performance
Conductor loop resistance
Conductor resistance unbalance
Dielectric strength
Insulation resistance
Capacitance unbalance to earth
Velocity of propagation
Mean characteristic impedance
Coupling attenuation up to 1
Max. 190/100m
Max. 2%
1.0 kV DC or 0.7 kV AC for 1 min.
>500 MΩ/Km at100-500V test voltage
Max. 160 pF/100m
<534 nsec/100m at 100MHz
Max. 40 nsec/100m at 100MHz
1000 ± 50 at 100 MHZ
Min. 40 dB
100% in process test
>500 MΩ/Km
40 pF/100m
496 nsec/100m at 100 MHz
(NVP for hand held testers = 0.69)
Max. 25 nsec/100m at 100 MHz
1000 ± 30 at 100 MHz
50 dB
100% in process test
>500 MΩ/Km
40 pF/100m
490 nsec/100m at 100 MHz
(NVP for hand held testers = 0.69)
Max. 30 nsec/100m at 100 MHz
1000 ± 30 at 100 MHz
56 dB

Typical Headroom Characteristics – CAT 5e

Frequency (MHz)1410162031.2562.5100155200300
Insertion Loss (dB/100m)Spec value2.
Typical value1.
NEXT (dB)Spec value65.356.350.347.345.842.938.435.4N/AN/AN/A
Typical value73.364.358.355.253.850.946.443.340.438.837.3
PSNEXT (dB)Spec value62.353.347.344.242.839.935.432.3N/AN/AN/A
Typical value71.362.356.353.251.848.944.441.338.436.835.3
ELFEXT (dB/100m)Spec value63.851.843.839.737.833.927.923.8N/AN/AN/A
Typical value78.866.858.854.752.848.942.938.43532.831.5
PSELFEXT (db/100m)Spec value60.848.840.836.734.830.924.920.8N/AN/AN/A
Typical value76.864.856.852.750.846.940.936.83330.829.5
Return Loss (dB/100m)Spec valueN/A23.
Typical value25.
ACR (dB/100m)Typical value71.560.752.547.845.540.431.123.515.09.43.1
PSACR (dB/100m)Typical value69.558.750.545.843.538.429.121.513.07.42.0

Typical Headroom Characteristics – CAT 6

Frequency (MHz)1410162031.2562.5100155200350
Insertion Loss (dB/100m)Spec value2.
Typical value1.
NEXT (dB)Spec value66.065.359.356.254.851.947.444.339.838.3N/A
Typical value86.577.571.568.467.064.159.656.552.050.549.3
PSNEXT (dB)Spec value64.063.357.354.252.849.945.442.337.836.3N/A
Typical value84.575.569.566.465.062.157.654.550.048.547.3
ELFEXT (dB/100m)Spec value66.
Typical value85.
PSELFEXT (db/100m)Spec value64.
Typical value82.
Return Loss (dB/100m)Spec valueN/A23.
Typical value27.
ACR (dB/100m)Typical value84.673.966.061.459.154.245.538.525.921.116.9
PSACR (dB/100m)Typical value82.671.964.