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Speaker Cable

  • RoHS
  • CE
Speaker Cable Wire
Cross-4 1


Speaker cables are highly recommended for use in connecting speakers, public address system for clear and distortion free voice with low dB loss.

Cable Construction

The cables are manufactured with bright annealed plain flexible electrolytic grade copper conductor, bunched compactly, insulated with specially formulated PVC compound. Each core is uniquely designed for easy identification. In order to offer uniform capacitance throughout length the distance between the two conductors is maintained uniformly.

Colour Availability : Transparent / black with red tracer for polarity identification.

Packing: The delivery length is available in 90 mtr. coils

Cable Design Parameters

Kindly complete the part numbers for these cables by adding the suffix (in place of ‘xx’) for colour required:
00 – Transparent, 02 – black.

Conductor ConstructionMaximum Overall
Dimensions (W X H)
Part NumberEquivalent AWGNominal Cross Sectional
Area (Sq. mm)
Max. DC Conductor Resistance
at 20°C (Ώ/km)
01090101xx10220.539.04.2 x 2.1
01090102xx10190.826.04.7 x 2.4
01090103xx10181.019.55.7 x 2.9
01090104xx10161.513.36.0 x 3.0
01090105xx10142.58.07.0 x 3.6
01090106xx10124.05.08.4 x 4.1
01090107xx10106.03.39.6 x 4.7

Recommended length

Wire Size2Ω load4Ω load6Ω load8Ω load
22 AWG3ft (0.9m)6ft (1.8m)9ft (2.7m)12ft (3.6m)
19 AWG5ft (1.5m)10ft (3m)15ft (4.5m)20ft (6m)
18 AWG8ft (2.4m)16ft (4.9m)24ft (7.3m)32ft (9.7m)
16 AWG12ft (3.6m)24ft (7.3m)36ft (11m)48ft (15m)
14 AWG20ft (6.1m)40ft (12m)60ft (18m)80ft (24m)
12 AWG30ft (9.1m)60ft (18m)90ft (27m)120ft (36m)
10 AWG50ft (15m)100ft (30m)150ft (46m)200ft (61m)