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CCTV Camera Cable

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CCTV Camera Cable Wire
CCTV Camera Cable Cross


These cables are specifically designed to transmit complete video frequency with minimum distortion or attenuation for security and surveillance. This cable is offered in two variants viz., 4+1 and 3+1 CCTV Camera cable.


CCTV cables are designed to optimize the quality of video signals. The dense tin coated copper screen ensures complete elimination of EMI/RFI from video signals and also provides reduced DC resistance ground path. The multi stranded construction of video core offers better flexibility and reduced bending radius.

Cable Construction

Screened Core for Video signal:

Conductor: The central conductor is made of flexible fine wires tin coated electrolytic grade copper

Insulation: The insulation provided over the conductor is with high dielectric strength and low capacitance

Screen: Annealed tin coated copper braid screen, approx. 85% coverage

Sheath: Black colored PVC

Power Cores

Conductor: Solid electrolytic grade annealed plain copper, 0.5 mm

Insulation: The insulation provided over the conductor is of high density polyethylene (HDPE)

Sheath: PVC

Cable Colour: White.

Cable Design Parameters

Part NumberCable TypeCable Size (Sq. mm) NNominal Cable Diameter (mm) PPower Core Colour
010801010795CCTV Cable 4+14C + 1C x 0.256.0RD, YL, BK, GN
010801020795CCTV Cable 3+3C + 1C x 0.256.0RD, YL, BL