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Ratna CO-X-Wire
Ratna CO-X-Cross


High quality co-axial for cable TV network for notch free attenuation values over wide range of frequencies. The special jacketing offers increased life even in rugged conditions.

Technical Data

Conductor: The central conductor is made of solid electrolytic grade annealed plain copper conductor, which has distinct advantages over traditional copper conductor

Insulation: The insulation provided over the conductor is of foam PE

Screen: Aluminium mylar tape is provided over the insulated conductor to shield the conductor and ensures disturbance free transmission of signals

Braiding: The braiding is generally provided with 60% coverage of ATC (Annealed Tinned Copper) / Al alloy

Jacket: Specially formulated PVC, for rugged outdoor usage.

Marking: The cables are marked ‘RATNA CO-X’

Cabel Design Parameters

Construction DetailsCable Type
RG 59 FRG 6 F*RG 11 F
Part Number010501010791 001050102079010501030791
Inner conductorCopperCopperCopper
Nominal Diameter (mm)
DielectricFoam PEFoam PEFoam PE
Nominal Diameter (mm)
Outer Conductor FirstBonded Al TapeBonded Al TapeBonded Al Tape
Outer Conductor SecondTinned Cu/Al BraidTinned Cu/Al BraidTinned Cu/Al Braid
Nominal Coverage (%)606060
PVC JacketBlackBlackBlack
Nominal Cable Diameter (mm)6.27.010
  • RG 6 F is also available with CCS conductor and the applicable Part number shall be 010501040791.
Construction DetailsCable Type – Armoured
RG 59 FRG 6 F*RG 11 F
Part Number010501050791010501060791010501070791
Nominal Cable Diameter (mm)10.511.414.6
  • RG 6 F armoured is also available with CCS conductor and the applicable Part number shall be 010501080791.

Electrical Parameters

ParametersCable Type
RG 59 FRG 6 FRG 11 F
Inner Conductor-Max Resistance at 20°C (Ω/100m)3.432.10.8
Nominal Capacitance (pF/m)535353
Characteristic Impedance (Ω)757575
Velocity of Propagation (%)858585
Dielectric Strength (KV)> 1> 1> 1
Minimum Bending Radius (mm)606575
Maximum Attenuation at 20°C (dB/100m) atMax.Max.Max.
5 MHz2.81.91.2
50 MHz6.75.33.1
100 MHz8.87.04.2
200 MHz12.49.96.0
250 MHz13.410.56.7
300 MHz14.611.57.3
350 MHz15.712.47.9
400 MHz16.713.38.5
450 MHz17.714.39.0
500 MHz18.714.99.5
550 MHz19.515.79.9
600 MHz20.316.410.4
750 MHz22.818.311.9
800 MHz24.519.512.4
900 MHz24.720.113.0
1000 MHz26.621.414.2